The wonderful poetry program Poetica on Radio National did a feature episode on The Sixth Creek, including an extended interview and me reading a bunch of poems from the book.  If you are interested in 40 or so minutes of me blathering enthusiastically about poetry, my local environment and activism then please, by all means click here.


If you like poetry in smaller bites – here are some links to poems that have been recently (or relatively recently) published online.

“The flaw in the pattern” Resurgence Poetry Prize 2017 – highly commended

“The dog, the blackbird and the anxious mind” Meanjin Summer 2016

“What lies broken” in Cordite Poetry Review: 56 Explode, 2016

“These clouds that cap the world”, “Into the wild” and “What happens in the dark” in Fjords Review (USA) February, March & May 2016

“Deviation Road” in Writ Poetry Review No.3, 2015

Homemade Thanksgiving” in Foam:e 12, 2015

Great White Shark” in Plumwood Mountain, Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics Vol 2. No 1. 2015

The Archimedes Principle and the red cement floor” in Verity La 2014

“Rapid learning” & “Kayaking with a head cold” in Transnational Literature Vol. 7 No.1 Nov 2014

The waterfall” in Cordite Poetry Review 44.0 2014

Antarctica” in Red River Review USA Issue 51 May 2014

The polar tent” in Transnational Literature Vol. 6 Issue 1 Nov 2013

Driving through the mallee” & “Muscles’ song” in Mascara Literary Review Issue 14 Dec 2013

Desert Driving with John Cage” in Barehands 17 from Ireland 2013

Kati Thanda/Lake Eyre” in The Disappearing Project by the Red Room Company 2012

What will we inherit?” in Cordite Poetry Review 40.0 2012

“Anthropologist at the ceremony” recorded for Varuna, The Writers’ House in the Blue Mountains, NSW

As a bonus the above poem has a photo that includes two chickens.  And not just any chickens. I could tell you some stories about these chooks (one of which involves a pit bull). They are Freedom Legs and Warrior Chicken and they are legendary.

Greater than gravity” SWAMP Issue #10 2011

Guadalcanal” SWAMP Issue #7 2010

Bowen Street Project – Signs of Life

for the Adelaide City Council

Here’s a photo of my dog Des as a thank you for making it this far down the page.  He’s enormous and has a large head but doesn’t seem  to use it for thinking. He eats things like candles, bags of flour and the carbon in water filters. Despite this, he’s pretty cool.  And very fast. Faster than you.


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