Poetica on The Sixth Creek

Deep creekRadio National’s brilliant poetry series “Poetica” has been running a series on “the spirit of place” and they chose to feature my book The Sixth Creek for the final episode.  You can clearly hear how nervous I am in the interview so it was a blessing that they asked me to read so many poems – that I can do!  It goes to air on Saturday the 21st of June – the winter solstice – but I’m going to have a go at linking to the podcast.  Now that I’ve typed that I realise I have absolutely no idea how to do such a thing so if I can’t pull a podcast link out of my arse in the time it takes me to devolve into a screaming harridan threatening to smash her laptop against the wall then I’ll just calmly link to the Poetica page and let you work out the rest.  If you are interested, that is.

Ok here goes… oh, bugger it – just hit this for the link...

Basket Range

3 thoughts on “Poetica on The Sixth Creek

  1. Thanks so much Mike. I think I sound extremely nervous and extremely Australian (not that the latter is a problem – just a surprise – since the demise of the answering machine we don’t hear recordings of ourselves very often!)

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