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After the fire

After the fire

I’ve just returned home from a long and wonderful trip to New Zealand (posts to follow) that involved significant periods of living unplugged from the modern world. No mobile reception. No internet. No television.  In other words – a true holiday.   I’ve got to admit that despite being hyper-aware (and more than slightly disapproving) of the addictive nature of modern communication gadgetry, I am also highly susceptible.  In fact, my name is Rachael and I am an iphone addict. With a spare minute up my sleeve I’ll generally reach for the evil device, my fingers automatically flicking over the icons for email, facebook and instagram without my brain even being conscious of it.

So aside from the necessary and long overdue iphone detox, the upshot (and upside) of being unplugged from all electronic media has been that I’ve missed seeing the CFS ad on television in which Des and I feature.   I’ve also been blissfully unaware of any social media conversation about it.

To be honest, it has all seemed a bit bizarre that an email to a friend who was concerned about Andrew and I during the Cherryville bushfire sparked a feature article in a newspaper, which in turn inspired a television commercial.  So you can imagine my surprise to find that in my absence the commercial has generated a few more media sparks.  First, InDaily published a piece on 19.12.13 about how it was their original article that inspired the commercial.  And then the Weekender Herald picked up the story on 3.1.14, and while I’ll refrain from a sarcasm-drenched Media Watch-style analysis, a reader might notice quite a striking similarity between the Indaily and Weekender Herald articles.  Just saying.  You can find the Indaily article here. The Weekender Herald article is below.

The Weekender Herald : Weekender Herald 030114, Page 4

Anyway, with fires spurring articles that generate commercials that spawn more articles, I just hope the whole thing stops before it comes full-circle with another bush-fire. South Australia has already had more than its share of those this fire season.

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about because you live outside of South Australia, here’s the short version (I suspect I may have to find Des an agent…)


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